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What is 400ZR?

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Aimed predominantly at short-reach, single-span fiber optic links for Data Center Interconnect (DCI), 400ZR is an interoperable networking Implementation Agreement (IA) in progress by the OIF. It defines a footprint-optimized solution for transporting 400Gb Ethernet over DCI links targeting a minimum of 80 km. Enabled by advanced coherent optical technology design targeting small, pluggable form factor [...]

Cincinnati Bell division CBTS bows new open source reference architecture

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CBTS, the business services-focused division of Cincinnati Bell, is putting elements of the Open Networking Foundation's SEBA reference design into play with a new reference architecture called COI. On Thursday, CBTS announced its Carrier Open Infrastructure (COI) framework that's based on the ONF's SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) reference design and VOLTHA. CBTS, which goes by [...]

2019 Telecommunications Industry Outlook

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5G ushers in a new world of opportunities What’s ahead for telecom providers in 2019? Fifth generation (5G) wireless technologies will be gaining ground quickly, unleashing the full potential of augmented and virtual reality, Smart Cities, and IoT. Mic Locker, managing director in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice, shares her thoughts [...]

Career Opportunities in Telecommunication

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Student Career Tips: Author : It covers everything from voice calls, texting, email, images and video streaming. The very fact that almost everybody owns a mobile phone now, along with the on-going digitisation of India, should give you the main reason as to why this is one of the best times to work in the telecom [...]

How Do Telecommunication Companies Use Big Data? 8 Resources to Bookmark

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Telecommunication companies can no longer afford to not make use of their big data. A simple Google search for “Telecommunications Big Data Analytics” turns up a measly 2 million+ results. The Value of Big Data for Telecom Companies But interest in — and getting value from — are two very different things. In fact, McKinsey Quarterly [...]